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I Beg of You, My Love

by Beth Pauli
Sleep becomes an entity
concrete and describable
with strange understanding.
A weapon against ice
this new design.
Life is menacing so shoot it.
Why allow ten breaths more?
Oxygen is borrowed from the red
hot core of the earth and its
hydrogen and its nitrogen.
I give you a gift of desperate love--
I beg you swallow it.
Pure sleep powder.
It is not criminal to indulge the secret
desires of your soul
(rest me sleep me love me)
nor right to ignore them
(harmonic peace I give you).
Offer your life juice to this
entity and listen to its reasoning
just one night.
It will be gone when you wake--
a rose by the pillow
with thorns six inches long
and satin-like.
I beg my love to sleep
this night and worry not
of the sheep and the fence.
The shepherd will care for them
till sun doth shine on this foreign ground.
And you deserve it. Solid Gold.

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