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a love lost

by Beth Pauli
wrote a letter to my lover
on a green colored oak leaf
using a blue pen to convey
the sadness in my heart
and the green was to signify
the sickness of a love lost

thinking 'bout the time it all went wrong
breathing heavy in the back seat
with a silver saxophone
music was meant to accentuate
the red wine and bright stars -
the sickness of a love lost.

must have been insanity
to put my faith in the Trinity
all it gave me was an aching head
rather have a drink instead

read about it in the black and white newsprint
circulating the whole damn town
white was for the veil she wore
and the black could only mean one thing
the shadow cast by our oak tree
was a misleading destiny

and the green of the leaves
was to signify
the sickness of our love gone by

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