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by April Ardis Anderson
Galvanized silver
Blankets his top
Wit never quits
Smile doesn't stop.

Eyes sharp and focused
To mine, far keener
Gentle, kind, caring
(And seven years your senior)

Both gave up looking
And found there to find
A magnetic affection of
Heart, soul, bod, mind.

Staring eyes keep on staring
Or turn 'way in disgust
Raise voice or all hell
But love him I must.

Thought to be loner
But just simply lonely
Had given up until me
And now loves me only.

Nay, not his savior
But regarded his equal
Yet he says in his eyes
Am always on pedestal.

Never fight, never argue
Too rational for that
Too strong and too deep
To be broken by spat.

Always is decent
Always a gent
My shield and my comfort
Surely Godsent.

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