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Drawing Near, Painting Nigh

by April Ardis Anderson
Low viscosity indigo spills
Out onto expansive canvas
Flecks of all and no color
Haphazardly puncture raven darkness.

Cautiously I slither in
While mimed dusk deepens and dries
But prior to solidity
These hands part eve's velvet curtain.

Night fabric tidal-waves out
Draping texture resembling stereotypically stubborn
Peeling wallpaper; you pensively advance
Grasping heart and hands in single stride.

Pulling in, you invite a foreign stone
To assimilate with aqua-sub-conscious abysses
Entrance passing triggers domino ripples
Midnight corners fall, unfurl and seal us in.

Peering privily through pinholes
Observe I a world through behind stars
Entirely resulting from yearning desire
To see how you see it, too.

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