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The Blessing I Would Ask For

The Gates of Consciousness

by Alan Harris

Gate with sun attached
Capital F OR MUCH OF MY LIFE I have lived in the realm of the lower quaternary (physical, vital, emotional, and lower-mental bodies). At that level, I have had a large number of small crises, plus a few mammoth crises. Living in the lower quaternary is where most of us spend most of our time. This is where self-centered thoughts and unruly emotions are likely to prevail, or aggressive physical behavior—the earthy or unlovely aspects of our consciousness.

"Living in the lower quaternary is where most of us spend most of our time."
Above this lower quaternary, waiting to be found behind the Gates and functioning as our guide, resides our triune Soul (higher mind, intuition, and spark of shared Divinity). The spark is like a precious jewel, the Pearl of Great Price, the Philosopher's Stone, the Fountain of Youth, the ever-present Strength in times of apparent weakness. This jewel within us is shared by all, for in the Divine we are One—there are no "others".

Aware that the higher consciousness exists, every day I still myself and ask for the Gates to be opened, at the right time and place and for the right motive, which is to help our brothers and sisters, our brotherhood and sisterhood, to reveal and live the virtues.

"I ask for the Gates to be opened."

The blessing I would ask for, above all other blessings, is for everyone's Gates to open between the higher triune Soul and the lower quaternary, releasing a flood of goodness as the two become merged as One.

I ask this for the future. Now, we have only glimpses of such a possible benediction, quiet moments of inner discovery amid the discords of daily life. I ask for these Gates to open for us all, so that our world might live in harmony—a state of mutual assistance and cooperation.

There are reasons for the Gates being mostly closed, and we each need to find out why. Their opening would allow the infusion of peace throughout the world, and calm in all hearts. This blessing is my prayer.