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12/22/2006: Jan Sleeth
When my sister and I visted the Festival of Trees in orlando this year we were drawn to a poem scrolled behind a beautiful tree. As we read it we were so stunned by the words and thoughts. I immediately came home and type in your web address. What I saw can only be described as the feeling one had entering a sacred place for the first time. I am this magical journey to discover every poem, essay and photo. Being an avid tree hugger, I feel a special kinship with the photos of the trees and leaves you have so expertly captured. Thank you for inviting me on the journey of quiet, soulful, peaceful moments. Its a special look a the world. Your word only enhance the beauty of the photo.

6/10/2006: David
I bought a CD at a local Goodwill. It was a poetry reading by someone named Allan Harris. Is that you? There was a chant on there too. He and his brother Brian Harris did the chant. If this is you, I have to say GREAT WORK! In fact, would you ever allow a composer to add music to your poetry. I like City Spill, Down-Down, with the Tao (I hope these are the correct titles) and others.

4/27/2006: Marilyn Hefner
Hi Alan! Your sister, Kathie, shared with me your website! Awesome!!! I also write stories and poetry and would like one day to submit something to you. I love your pictures also, and yes, what an oasis they are! Kansas is a lovely picturesque place to take pictures so come back to Kansas soon! Keep up the good inspirational work! Friend and co-worker of Kathie, Marilyn Hefner

3/27/2006: Keith Harris
Indeed an oasis. Nice work. Best to you Keith Harris UK

3/14/2006: Lucille Younger
It's been a couple of heart beats since last I stopped by your page. Masterful. Simply Masterful.

3/12/2006: Brian Arthur Salchert
Mr. Harris, I once has a boss named Alan Harris; and as I began to search for him, I saw the access for your site at Google. Because I also have written poems and a few aphorisms, I was immediately drawn in. However, I also became interested in the choices you made when setting up a page. So, going behind what is seen, I did find you also use "Verdana", a font I like. It pleases me there is someone else who has placed so much of himself on the web. I am sure I'll return to read more. Thank you.

3/1/2006: Robert Yew
Interesting stuff, I especially like your 'ponderables' as text heaviness detracts from good arguments.

2/14/2006: Dottielou Harris
Good Job! Alan The talent that you have is so blessed. I was doing some work on the family heritage and found your site good work.

12/28/2005: Liz C
I finally found some time to view your photo essay for your mother. Breathtakingly beautiful reminder of LOVE. This is quite a stunning web site and one that I will bookmark. I especially enjoyed hearing your voice in the readings. Hope you come back to visit winter here sometime.

12/19/2005: Mike Schmitz
Alan, Nancy Wold sent me your web site and it is wonderful. I am very proud of your accomplishments. You make those of us who are from EARLVILLE proud. Keep up the great work.

12/12/2005: vijay krishna seth
remarkably pure and spiritual in their souls, entire space of yours inner is transcending the obivious and enveloping the infinity to a unity. vijay k seth. india

12/10/2005: Nancy (Hughes) Wold
Allan - The trains do indeed make a noise going through Earlville. It has been a long time since we took trumpet lessons from Mr. Nichols, I often wish that I had kept up with it. Dick and I live on Brown Street and the trains LOVE to lay on the whistle. We have had kids try to play 'chicken' with the trains and one of them lost big time - but they still try on occasion. Good to hear that you are still out there. Nancy

12/6/2005: BSA
Thanks for a hugely imaginative and creative site. Barbara

12/5/2005: Merle Stryker
Al: I finally took time to look at your site. It is so impressive. I plan to go back and read it thoroughly after I get these Christmas cards out. I have also sent it to a friend/fellow poet who I know will enjoy it as well. Merle

11/14/2005: Alane Hill
Wounded Holidays are words as though directly from my soul. Thank you for sharing your heart. You remind us that we are not alone.

10/13/2005: Deborah Harding
Your site is wonderful. It's good to "see you again!" Life sounds good in the west. Deb

10/7/2005: Gruppenleiter
Great! You have a beautiful and very useful website! I enjoyed surfing here. GO ON! Gruppenleiter from Phoenix (Arizona).

8/30/2005: Charlene
As always, today's Ponderable struck an important chord. "To count humans: one, one, one ... " May we never forget that *each* life is a gift to our world. You say things so simply, so deeply, so humanly, so God-breathed. Amen.

7/27/2005: Monica
I just listened to your haiku poems in your own reading, they are lovely! and they are inspiring for me. I also like to write poems, so I appreciate yours even more. I am delighted! Congratulations from Monica in Romania ;-)

7/20/2005: Michelle
I took an overdose of pills a couple of days ago! I can't even remember doing it, there is just an empty space. Reading these poems are helping me to understand my feelings and deal with the guilt of what I did.

7/18/2005: yvonne
Dear Alan, I am so blessed with your poetry on a Monday morning. I have severe depression and these words were and are a balm on my soul. Please keep writing! Yvonne

4/29/2005: Sue Guss
Your poems, photos and website are wonderful. Thank you for all of it. Sue Guss Corvallis, Oregon

4/22/2005: Carol P.
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs, they are awesome. It's nice to meet someone who sees so much beauty in the world.

2/16/2005: Essie Kramer
I've been following your web page for a long time and just want to let you know how beautiful it is and much joy it has brought to me and my household. If there is ever a day I need to be joyed up, I read your page and there is always something there that brings me out of the darkness. You are an important part of my life and I just wanted you to know that. I don't have an email address. I use the computer at my library, but I come here religiously everyday to read your web page. At my age, there are not a lot of things that keep me going, but you are one. Thanks.

1/5/2005: shirley thoms maloy
dear alan, hello from an old neighbor, shirley thoms. enjoying your site and have only just begun to look at it. my 26 year old son, dan maloy, who also has some memorable moments at that same address on brown st. (along with all of my adult children), came across your site and emailed it to me. we think and speak of your family often, and especially your very special dad. anyone who knew Keith had to love him. he holds a special place in my heart and always has. just wanted to thank you for the very interesting stories/ pics etc. my father passed away in 1983, but my mom,vera, who is retired, sister jeanne,who farms and i all live in earlville,my family has been in the rental business for some 14 years now and my brother, greg, a grade school teacher is in plano il, my oldest sister karen, sings professionally with her husband, lives in mesa az. tell all your family hello from the thoms'

12/22/2004: cherie
I just found your site when my husband asked me to find a poem on listening. I chose your "Listening to Christmas" for him to read in Sunday School. Thank you for sharing these beautiful poems and thoughts with others who study, a bit, into the concept of "Christmas."

12/5/2004: Shirley Brown
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have found your web site to be most inspiring. After reading the bio you have posted, it makes it all the more endearing.

11/21/2004: Dianne
I don't know how came across your site originally but I have had it in a favorites file for some time now. Since I use WebTV and have no computer, I don't get to print out your "books" and can only hear part of your reading of the the poems on WAV . Any suggestions for we WebTVers can make the most of this so enjoyable site? I've gotten a lot of enjoyment from your site and know I will continue to do so. The Christmas section is of course going to be visited a lot in the next few weeks.

8/14/2004: Lotta
Greetings from Finland! I found your site when looking for pictures of prisms, and started to read: Great poetry and pics go amazingly together with them! That is very important to visualists like me :) I will bookmark your site; keep on creating!

3/20/2004: Maureen Murphy
Thank you for posting the account of the 10/10/1943 Munster mission. My father was a RWG with the 100th Bomb Group. His A/C, the Invadin Maiden, was shot down that day. He was wounded, but survived his jump. Five of his crew were KIA. My father was POW 19 months. Sadly he died in 1975 at age 54. I'm doing research for a book I am writing about his life.

3/17/2004: Tony Green
Hi Allen, I keep returning to your site and always enjoy the simplicity and wisdom you proffer. Hope you continue to enjoy your retirement and reward us in the real world of disaster and violence with your works of beauty and simplicity.

3/11/2004: Mary Sajdak
You are still one of my absolute favorites. Thank you so much for your writings Mr. Harris. Bright Blessings, Mary

2/24/2004: Lori Holton
Your compositions are truly lovely. I copied a few to send to my son Will. He is also a poet and journalist. At the young age of 29, he has already sampled life's riches and travails. I know he will see the beautiful richness in your words. Blessings to you and Linda, Lori

1/25/2004: Karen Sepaniak
Hi Alan, Oasis is right. Lovely on a cold winter's night in Illinois--or anytime. I'll bet nobody enjoys a digital camera more than you! Beautiful work! thanks for all you do for us back here at SOS/SPS. Karen

1/22/2004: Dianna
Alan, I stumbled onto your Healing Meditation #2 by accident as I was in search for some peace. Reading it gave me so much solace! Thank you for sharing your beauty and helping this troubled soul. I have added your page to my favorites so I can continue to enjoy you with ease. God Bless You..Dianna

1/1/2004: Kelly
I just happenned to run across your work,it's wonderful!!!B.C.Canada

11/21/2003: boo
this is a great site...i love it

11/5/2003: neah
i loved your poem so much i want to send it to someone could you please tell me how?

10/3/2003: dick krase
Hi, Alan, we enjoyed your "Up" photos. We trust you and your are well and enjoying the Arizon attitude.

9/16/2003: Judy van der Linden
Hi Alan, What beautiful pictures of the sky! And what a great website. I am going to have John and Mark check your site out. They'll be impressed! Keep "working!" JUDY

9/14/2003: Bill
As the previous guestbook entry states "Thank You again" for . . . well this list gets long with awe. (Is that the same a awefully?) From fotoz to Love my cliker goes - Ever Radiant On . . .

9/10/2003: Vickie (Christian) Williamson
My Daughter just sent me the page with The Time I Was Late. I loved the story ..but it was the picture of the old Earlville grade School that...made me smile. Only those who drank from the water trough fountian out front would know what..a wonderful place it was to go to school..I remember the first walk up those steps when we moved to Earlville..Mrs. Carters Kindergarden class..but at the top of the steps..dwelled Mrs. Richards..if shcools now could have such wonderful teachers and principles..Thank you Alan once again for the memories ..Vickie

8/23/2003: kenn
the river keeps rolling on not by gravity proposed, but by unfolding love.
Allen, you truly see the world through a sparkling heart.

5/18/2003: Barbara
Dear Alan, I just viewed your photoessay of the mountain near your home. What a beautiful way to start my day!!! Thank you!!! Best wishes, Barbara

5/7/2003: Liz Copeland
What a wonderful collection [A Mountain's Month]. You have captured the moods and reflections beautifully. Was it the same time each day or various times? Such clear shots. thanks....

4/22/2003: Shirley Lawson
Hello - I was reared in Earlville as well and was browsing the history, etc. of Earlville and ran across your website. I knew your father as a child and he has a special place in my heart. My maiden name is Shirley England and I have a twin sister, Shelley, and three other siblings, Monie, Ann & Richard. In the 70's my father, Richard, farmed for Jim Leonard and your dad was our bus driver. He was so wonderful to us. I remember him making us rings out of quarters, and always had candy to give away for holidays, or whatever day he felt like. My twin sister and I still have the paperweights that your dad gave us for I believe was our 8th birthday. He always remembered the bus kids birthdays. I also remember how sweet and kind your mom was when we would go to the library. We moved away from Earlville for a brief time and on a visit back when I was about 13 yrs old, I remember me and all my siblings (at that time we had another brother, Billy to add to our family) visiting your dad and I believe he was battling his illness at that time. He took time out to talk to all six of us. My little brother passed on in 1983 (he was 8 yrs old) but I will always have the memory of that day and how happy all of us were that Keith got to meet our baby brother. Kindest regards, Shirley Lawson

4/21/2003: Kelly
This is such a beautiful and inspiring website. Thank you so much for making this. It's a pleasure to see such positive things on the internet. I will be sure to visit often. I've bookmarked this website. Take care. Love, Light & Blessings!!!

4/21/2003: Bette
I've read much of your poetry over the years, it is delightful. I too write but, my poetry is very different. Your words & style are very unique. I'll keep reading & visiting your pages. Please visit mine when time permits:

4/19/2003: Gert Hoelzer
Hi Alan..So glad to hear from you. I didn't even know that you and Linda had relocated, but I'm happy for you. Our grandsons [ages 17, 10, 8, and 7 months] are such an important part of our lives that I'm glad you can be near yours. Ray and I are fine, just getting older, but that's a good thing! Your pictures are beautiful. Can't imagine how the same mountain can look so different. Love to you both, Gert and Ray

4/13/2003: Jane Reilly
I am truly enjoying this site. It is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. You are so blessed with a special gift

3/10/2003: Denise M. Reuter
Hello, I would like to thank Curtis Mease for telling me about this website. It's wonderful! Denise R.

3/10/2003: Deanna

2/3/2003: Lisa W
Dear Alan ~ Four Root Words...I Love Your Poetry!! You have an amazing gift and your insights into the human soul, nature and life are very profound and moving. I have your site bookmarked as a favorite and will visit you ofton. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of poetic and visual expression. Lisa W. (CT)

1/20/2003: Louise
Dear Alan Your poems are lovely and very deep and meaningful I have been looking for poems like these for ages. I have started writing poems I find it a good way to express my feelings deeply. Best Wishes Louise

1/8/2003: Ricardo Flurscheim Romero
Nice job!!!!! It's the second time i'm in....and BEATIFULL!!!

1/3/2003: Nancy
Your web-site is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

12/27/2002: Christine Crain
Dear Alan, I have just visited your site for the first time today and wanted to tell you how beautiful everything is. I love your poems and photos. I lost my only child last year and I was reading the Death and Dying Newletter when I happened upon your pages. Words cannot describe the wonder and emotion of your work. I will visit often since there is so much to see. Thank you.

11/3/2002: Jo Ann Memming
Dear Alan, I am the mother of Chad Memming, a friend of Brian's. Your expanding gifts are beautifully shared on the web. I'm now writing children's stories and a poem now and then, and delighting in my writers' groups. We now live in the Kansas City area, but get up to Aurora a couple of times a year. Please give my affectionate regards to that sweet wife of yours. Jo Ann Memming

10/10/2002: Barbara L. Eaton
Dear Alan, We have a new computer and FINALLY I have been able to use it for fun things, like reading poetry! I have only read a few poems, but find them very lovely and can't wait to visit again and read more!

10/7/2002: Rick Omundson
I enjoyed reading the thoughts presented ...and changing them to my own demented thoughts. Thanks for the outlet.

9/28/2002: jeanette cullen
You done a great work. Keep up with the great work. I hope you keep everyone info on your new update.

9/28/2002: Janet
I love this site. I will be back! I love the poetry along with the photos is great! Thanks.

9/26/2002: Christina
Having met the author, was most interested in the website. Enjoyed poems on love. Will share "Mother Greets Newborn" with clients and colleagues. Thankyou! Look forward to visiting the site often!

9/21/2002: matt
thank you, your site has helped me alot. i was contiplating and i read yur stufft and it helped

8/20/2002: lotta

8/2/2002: Alan Harris
Regarding the guestbook query from Ollie (immediately below), the Mary Lambert who co-edits Heartplace with me in this site has not written a book entitled "Colour Secrets."

6/28/2002: Ollie
Is it possible this Mary Lambert wrote a book called colour secrets?

6/18/2002: Eric Peters
I've been visiting Mr. Harris' site for well over a year, and all his poems astound me. They're great! Love the site setup too. Keep going Alan! Eric Peters Iowa State University student

6/8/2002: Crystal Dawn
Wonderful site! Keep art alive! I hope you decide to spend some time at my site also. It is Peace.

6/3/2002: Danielle
Thanx for the mystical experience! Your poems were DEEP! and really really beautiful! hope to read more another time or soon later...bye for now! *Danielle*

5/23/2002: Chris Koonce
Loved your poems, you really gave meaning to what you talk about.

5/1/2002: Lloyd Tarr
Enjoyed your site, especially because I am from Paw Paw, Il.

4/13/2002: Mary Ellen Malloy
photography and poetry, what a moving combination. re-aquainted with this site after being away for awhile. poem about grief fits right now. thank you.

4/13/2002: patti
EXCELLENT poetry; spectacular photos!! Thanks for the mystical exprience :)

4/6/2002: Pam
Hola, Alan Is the "Ponderables" sculpture Zimbabwe Shona? It's marvelous.

4/4/2002: Susan Hannus
You ARE a poet and an artist... Great melody in your poems and your rhyming gave pleasure to my ears. The artistry in your photography is astounding.

3/13/2002: bazil gray
To affirm life in poetry is what you do so well, and your disposition corroborates this fact. Great thoughts painted with words cannot go by unnoticed. I wait to see and hear more.

2/26/2002: Pam Rejeske
Imponderable ponderables - always a welcome respite for me to spend a few at your site. Happy Spring - at least, it is so here in the desert.

2/19/2002: Bob Dell
Thank you Alan, first for getting the newsletter onto the P2P site so quickly. I am so pleased we can offer it so promptly. And in color! And then thanks for the series of love poems, though we didn't get to them until after Valentine's Day. Well, we still need love. I especially liked the photo and poem "analogies" Best wishes, Bob

2/19/2002: solo
Alan ~ a strange set of timings has brought me back to your site after four years ... i met another Alan Harris, a supreme wordsmyth himself. When i *met* him, there was some confusion because i kept thinking he must be you ... when he died a month ago that same confusion and grief that led me to him caused me to come back to find you. I am glad that you are still here. I am glad that i can still read your wonderful heartpoems, and stunned that you seem to be of the same energy fields as One whom i love/d deeply. I don't want you to take this a back-handed compliment in any way whatsoever ... i am human enough to need the touch of *home* in the words of one who also breathes the same dense air as myself. Your site is miraculous and i will visit often ... it helps me to breathe ... thank you ... *hugs*

2/18/2002: Charlene
You continue to inspire, AMAZE and uplift my sometimes weary soul. May surprising gusts of glorious grace surprise you, just when you need them the most--which is what your work does to and for me! Peace and grins and thank you, Charlene.

2/15/2002: Jim Donaldson
Alan, Your essay on "Front Yards" has been saved on my computer for over a year, and today, after reading it yet another time, I decided to share it with some close friends who will also appreciate it. It rings of so much truth as do the other pictures and articles that you have here. Don't worry, I didn't spam anyone at your expense. In fact I sent one to my brother and the other to a sister. I hope I will be able to access this page always, because it is as "peaceful" a place to come as would any of the idyllic scenes that you photographed. Sincerest thanks, and kindest regards. -Jim

2/12/2002: Linda Rose (Akin)
Alan, I believe I am blushing from the love of life shared in your Valetine 2002 Selections! I am dancing yet another dance, swirling in yellow and red, a thunderbolt blooming . . . flirtatiously . . . knowing that it does all rise on carpet flights and the three root words have helped the root races emerge smilingly into the fifth dimension. Thank you. Bright Blessings, Love and Hugs to you, Linda and all who love.

2/12/2002: cgriffis
That I would even pretend to put words together as you have would be a joke. How I enjoyed what I read, and knowing you, wondered the circumstances that brought rise to your writings. And I only got part way through---only to return when I have another bit of time. Darn this work, darn, darn, darn. Thanks for sharing.

2/11/2002: Tom Bonine
Hi Alan, Glad I asked about your writing. A great site. Now all we need is a poetry group to meet here in the Fox Valley.

1/29/2002: RA Logan
Found you at Christmas and have been enjoying your talents ever since. Entertaining and relaxing and an altogether great spot to spend some time. Thank you.

1/26/2002: John H. Cramer
As I said in my E-Mail I had forgotten how good you were at this. The pictures and comments were/are very insightful

1/22/2002: Bill Harding
A smile, a laugh, then a hearty guffaw. What a great ponderable today . . . Advertising logic taken too far - like mine - so often searching for a home. Bill

1/17/2002: harjay
I found out that your website is so much good for desperate people. May you include some more inspirational and encouraging thoughts.God bless.

1/16/2002: Alan Harris
To Ron Greene (see entry below): Thank you for your compliment. Whenever I have approached publishers, they have not been interested. I find that the Internet allows for plenty of readers at little expense to anyone, so for now I'm seeing the Web as my most efficient publishing medium. --Alan

1/15/2002: Ron Greene
Alan, I love your stuff. Have you approached publishers or literary agents? Ron

1/8/2002: Dawn M. Allen
Wow! These pictures and peoms are amazing. Thank you.

1/8/2002: Alan Harris
In reference to the twice-posted guestbook entry immediately below, I have withdrawn the essay "The Bugaboo of Becoming" from my Web site because I no longer agree with some parts of it. Perhaps someday I will revise the essay and post it again.

1/7/2002: Goetz Kluge
12/12/2000: Goetz Kluge "The Bugaboo of Becoming" ( has disappeared. How sad.

12/28/2001: Beverly Holmes
I found you poems very interesting and, in some cases, very true. I was absolutely amazed at you double images, especially the one of the tire over the snow. Keep up the great work. You are appreciated. I was really impressed by the essay on Scrooge. How very true it is.

12/27/2001: john delp
i think that they are very good poems my name is John Delp. J.J.D

12/5/2001: Deanna Zerr
Hi Alan! I feel like I have just journeyed down memory lane after visiting your site this morning. I've always enjoyed your writing, but the addition of your breathtaking photography adds a depth that really touched me today. Hi to Linda and Happy Holidays to your family!

12/3/2001: George E Frame
Just found your wonderful site and have sent it to everyone in my address book. Planning to make several copies of Christmas Reflections to give to members of the church I pastor in Freeburg, IL and especially my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. You have a very special God given talent--keep up the inspiring work. Wishing you and yours a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. I will be back again and again and etc George

11/29/2001: Robyn & Shawn Taylor
Wonderful site to help clear the mind! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

11/24/2001: Mary
What a fabulous site. I cried. It brings memories of home rushing to the surface. Thank you.

11/12/2001: Penelope Tippen Maure
Your latest poem takes me back to a point in time when things were so very simple. Try to remember...and follow. Thank you for the journey, Alan.

10/27/2001: lin
What a great website!!

10/2/2001: dj
the comments are very true, the guru one inparticular is very gud, keep them coming i like them =)

9/15/2001: Elaine Buland
Hi Alan! Enjoyed some of your photographs and poems tonight. Tell Linda hello for me! Elaine

9/4/2001: karen mabilangan
beautiful poems for all!

8/17/2001: Bobbie
Hi,I am 14, and I am really in to Poetry,I have written alot of poems,and everyone thats read them has really liked them,because I write them from the heart..My latest one I wrote,I thought was good,but i thought I might ask some people who know alot about poems to let me know if its any good or not..If anyone wants to see can email me..and I'll send it to you..Thanks!

8/15/2001: The Ancient One
You have a wonderful site. I loved the poetry... My compliments on a job well done.

7/30/2001: John Delp
Who would imagine the class of 1961 would produce two writers? Margaret Johnson would be proud. I have some stories at - Thanks for the class photo which arrived today. All the best and do keep in touch - John


7/13/2001: "Ellie"
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us! I feel as though I had been presented with a totally unexpected gift. You are much blessed and greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Ellie


6/28/2001: Ginny Christiansen
I absolutely love your site, well done. I submit poetry to the Starlite Cafe but love the format of yours. Have tried my own website but after seeing yours.....phewwwwww!!! Love for you to have a look anyway and give me some ideas of what to do....

6/28/2001: Sharon Oneal
Hello Alan, I have not been here in a while. It is still as lovely as ever and more to read. I particularly enjoyed the short story, "Hail Rain Well Met"... Bravo for your sister and her wisdom..smiles. Thank you again for providing this wonderful Site to peruse. I was blessed too by the lovely Sunset photography and have sent it to a few people. Keep up the good work! Sharon

6/20/2001: Alice
Hello Alan - I enjoyed your stories about growing up in Earlville. I, too, grew up in Earlville and as a matter of fact, during my early adult years, lived across the street from your folks. How often I remember Keith walking up the street, looking at the sky and proclaiming we would have a storm in 4 hrs. (I was so impressed by his apparent psychic ability), then LATER finding out he was listening to his all weather radio and hearing from incoming pilots on the weather heading our way!!!! My son Chris used to eat your Mom's fresh picked tomotos off the porch railing. Your site is wonderful!

6/18/2001: Bette
I used to read your work all the time, lost track of you somehow. And now I have my own page of poetry, please visit at" Also, you can read alot more of my work at penWrights.com__________Just look for my name Tidbits38 Sure glad I found you again!! Your poetry is great too.

5/24/2001: bob dell
Hello Alan, My sister is here from Billings and I want to show her some of your work, pictures and poems. we plan to visit Starved Rock, so that one will be a unique prelude. Regards, Bob Dell

4/16/2001: Gerry (aka Gerald) Martin
Alan - Until visiting your web site the last couple days, I knew & remembered you as an upperclassman - and very good - trumpet player in EHS band. [I was a lowerclassman trombone player at the time.] Jim Baird's wife sent me your url and I have so far enjoyed your stories about Earlville and a few of your poems. It's nice to find the works of a fellow Earlvillain out on the web. I'll be back often.

3/28/2001: Daphne Dahl, writer
Mr. Harris, Daphne Dahl here saying Hello to you and a truly lovely website - and I think your many readers are impressed as I am.

I do write poetry but have been working on a novel lately. It's a sensitive (I hope) portrayal of multicultural issues with the tentative title of, STORIES OF CROSS-CULTURE LOVE. Of course, I'll let everyone know when it's finished.

Thank you again for a lovely and inspirational webpage experience. Daphne Dahl, romance writer.

3/28/2001: kitty
Hello mr.

i like your pretty websyte

2/7/2001: Alan Harris
Dear Alan- My namesake. My wife discovered your site. What is beautiful is the non coincidence of fate. You have repossessed the democracy of thought through the internet and it is better for it. My Harris relatives came from Illinois, peoria, tremont where a grandfather had settled (John Harris)in Tremont in the 1830s. Now we live in Massachusetts. Similarly I write plays and poetry, love photography, singing & piano, and am a Chef with my own catering company. Keep writing because it is art that creates out of life visions of who we are and where we might be going. Peace. Alan

2/3/2001: Maureen Burger
Alan, your work speaks for me ... never have I saw someone putting words to paper just the way I think and feel! Thanks for seeing myself in your poems! Extraordinary ... some of it helped me getting through a crisis in my life!

1/29/2001: D. Thompson
Good site. But can you overcome the challenge proposition at

1/14/2001: Cj
'Just breezed through "Random Ponderables"~ WOW! Thanx' Much!

1/11/2001: Heather
Hi, My name is Heather and I really enjoyed the poems you posted about Christmas. I am religious and Christmas is my favorite holiday. Your poems really capured the true meaning of Christmas. I read these to a group for a class for a speech project on poetry for the holidays. They were a great help and I really enjoyed this site. Thanks Heather

1/1/2001: jane scoville
Hi Alan, Great seeing you and Linda the other night. It's been too long. This is a great web site which I will definitely explore more thoroughly soon. It looks damn classy, however!

12/18/2000: Elaine and Larry
Hi, Alan, We just enjoyed your Christmas Reflections. Great job! We got a big chuckle out of "Santa's Interior Monologue." Keep up the good work! Tell Linda Hi!

12/16/2000: Terra
I love reading the poems, but I would love it if you would print one about the true meaning of Christmas, Christ, the word too often left out of Christmas. It seems that Christmas has become a sales gimic, and means to rush around till you pass out, and wanting presents, the best presents. But the best present that we could ever recieve isn't even comparable to anything you could buy at stores, only one that was born tonight, and without Jesus, there is no sales gimic, there is no Christmas, and I think that the world has forgotten that. So, word to the wise, except the gifts you recieve, not with a fake joy to please others, but with a twinkling in your heart that somebody is thinking about you. I would deeply appreciate a poem including such things. It would definitely make my Christmas.

12/12/2000: Goetz Kluge
"The Bugaboo of Becoming" ( has disappeared. How sad.

12/10/2000: Share
Thank you for your site. Your poetry selections touched my heart.

12/9/2000: Dave Bentley
Your web design talents show and after seeing your site I will have to work harder at our site. God bless you Dave Bentley

12/1/2000: Melissa Bowling
Your poetry is wonderful. Many of the pieces I read really moved me. Thank you!

11/16/2000: Laura
I wanted to stop out and sign your guestbook and thank you for the wonderful Christmas poetry! I just did a rewrite of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas for Childhood disease for my memorial site which is dedicated to children who have lost their battles here on earth to disease. I really enjoy reading all the poems at Christmas time, and the Wounded Holiday was wonderful for all the families that have lost a child. God bless...and thanks for the great Christmas site!

11/14/2000: Garth
Dear Alan,
You have an excellent web site. You've put a lot of work into it and it shines through. I especially appreciated your peace photo essay.
Please drop in read, and sign my guestbook in the following site.
Lo Gos Room:
God's shalom and blessings,

11/13/2000: Martha Karpal
A friend gave me your http address. I'm so glad she did. I felt more at home here at your site than I do in my own home. I have a chronic condition and life is not the same as it once was for me. I have more off days than on, it seems. Always feel lacking and not up to the rest of the crowd. I have pity parties but no one comes but me. My humor - inherited from my father - saves me each day. E-mail is fun and gets me out when I am confined. E-mail that lets you commune with others without the interruptions of "Is my hair okay?" - Did I say something wrong? - I noticed a raised eyebrow. E-mail is non-invasive. And you each have time to answer back without feeling hurried. So I have made friends. And sites like yours - and your's is the best - are gems in my day's search for meaning. Thank you for what you have placed here for the enjoyment of others. I really appreciate finding you. Loved the Angels of the Sunsets and Asking the Quiet Fire. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Martha Karpal

11/9/2000: Carole Spinelli
Hi Alan - I stopped by to thank you for your gracious review of my book, and I was greeted by the beauty of your web design, and the extensive collection of verse, insight, and photography it displays. You have created a place I will look forward to visiting again and again. It is easy to understand why so many gather at your refreshing oasis. Thank you friend. Carole

10/28/2000: Virginia Sylvester
I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed by your website. It will take me some time to explore it. I'll let you know my favorite later.

10/15/2000: Karin
hello alan, I want to tell you that I think your website looks awesome and neat and your poetry is even better! I also have a poetry site. Perhaps you'd like to stop by and read my work? Bye, Karin

10/10/2000: Rio Bill
I daresay your 'ings' are enjoyable and more!! I love your 'navigate' button too. AOL has SPSFV in their search engine - from some one else? fondly, Bill

9/17/2000: Tracey W.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing site you have created. I am amazed!!! I would love to take one of your classes. My kdg. site is so novice like. I am embarassed I told you about it. This is a great place to visit. Thanks!!!!!!

9/8/2000: raye stonebreaker
Hello, I have always loved poems. From as far back as I can remember my Mother quoted bits and pieces of poems, usually funny, but not all. I learned of your web site while searching for poems to help me get through some days when I haven't got a clue. ha ha I have written a few poems off and on in my life when I was moved to do so. I have a book titled Best Loved Poems of the American People. It is old and falling apart but it is still my favorite, until now. Thank you for your web site and the part of you that you share with us. in-the-spirit raye

8/29/2000: Mujahid
Dear Alan, How are you? As I told you befor I started reading English poems and I really enjoyed it, I believe I wrote a poems in English and I can not call it a poem rather than call it an attempting of writing a poem. Dear Alan if you have a time to visit this links and give me your advise to my first attempts your concern will be highly appreciated Thanks.

7/28/2000: Sharon Oneal
A while back I found Garden of Grasses and from there went to Heartplace, now I have found this. What a lovely and thought provoking Site. I have read several different things among them, the Photographic Essays. Enjoyed the one about Trees and the Angels, I would be hard put to say what I like best at this point. I sent the Essay about Clouds to my daughter as she recently wrote some poems about clouds and when I began to read yours, there were some of the same words. You have some great insight into life and an open mind. Just keep writing. I don't write Poetry, wish I did, but love to read it.

7/17/2000: Tony Flurscheim
Came across your site whilst researching Robin's The Thinker. An instant fan, I must admit. From the heart and " observations " is terrific. God Bless and God Speed regards tony flurscheim - perth western australia ps anything we can do for you this end of the world, just give us a yell.

6/9/2000: c.potts
Thanks for a few quiet moments with your work (and your recreation), Alan. Nan and I were at the Fairgrounds last and Saturday afternoon, but we left before the sun was low enough for your photo essay. The blue-grass festival was a real treat for me as my niece's husband and two other band members from "High Cotton" had stayed with us overnight Fri. There's nothing like a jam session in one's livingroom! Chuck.

6/1/2000: kim
alan, your poetry is wonderful it shows real talent. even though i came here looking for and idea for a thank poem and didn't find one i still enjoyed your personal poetry. i also enjoy writing poetry and maybe on day i will be as good as you. keep up the good work. good luck in the future.

5/29/2000: Kobie Howe
Thankyou for the great page. Up until today i have not been able to find a good poetry site but i think my prayers were answered. I also loved the Photographs, they were brilliant. I am only 15 so heres to say that it is younger people reading and enjoying your site too. Thankyou again for the great site. I plan on one day posting my poetry on the web so everybody look out for it.
5/28/2000: Jeremy Merrill
This is a very wonderful sight. My brain hasn't been this active in a long time, thankyou for the exercise. I am going to send this to all of my friends, thank you.
5/27/2000: Simpleemee
Awesome site! I enjoyed my visit. Have a great day.
5/8/2000: Fisher Akao
This is a very cool website. It has helped me a lot. the poems here are very, very cool. Nice Web Page layout. It was easy to navigate. I highly reccomend this site to all you poetry lovers like me!!! Excellent going Alan Harris! You're the MAN!!!!!

4/27/2000: Joe Bowen
I can honestly say I've never surfed the web in search of poetry before, but I find content of the Everywhere Oasis to be very agreeable.

3/28/2000: Judy Martin
Alan, from my very first encounter with your web-site, that Jan. *(way back when??) The power behind your Thoughts Along a Winter's Walk was like a fragrant, healing balm for me; as I struggled with new, and frightening health issues. Your beautiful words and pictures were just the Rx. that I needed. I have found that the "Winter's Walk" has turned into a delightful journey of discovery, in my quest for Peace - Its Inner Hiding Place. My journey continues to be an extraordinary one; lead by Angels of The Sunset!! Thank you Alan, for the gift of your talent; shared. Your friend, just "sittin' on the dock of the Bay" in San Francisco. Judy

3/23/2000: Staci brown
i really liked your page, it is a lot of fun!!!

3/20/2000: Diane
This is really beautiful, a friend sent me the URL, and it was just what I needed. Your photograph poetry about peace, absolutely wonderful...:)

3/17/2000: Bill Harding
Ah Yes, and more Ah yes, and more Yes Yes Yes Now I am more too

3/16/2000: firasha
I've just found this site....but i really like your work...keep it up!

3/14/2000: DEBBY
Wonderful site A friend shared it with me a while back At that time I was too ill to read it. I'm SO GLAD I saved it I will share it with many people. LOVE is all that REALLY MATTERS in life

3/11/2000: Irish
Just found the site... will be back Often. The Sunset Angels are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

3/11/2000: Uncle Bob
I want to add my comments. Enjoyed your writings. Keep at it and improve the Harris name

3/10/2000: Michael O. Simmons
Finally back on line and adding your site to my faves. It looks great, and I'm eager to get your cd.

3/8/2000: Alyce Whittaker Walden
Wrote you a E-mail regarding our family connection. Have read two of your essays: Earlville and Suicide. Thank you for the insights.

2/20/2000: Pat
I really enjoyed your work here..Great job!! My passion is writing poetry. :) Please feel free to drop by and and visit my work, everyone is always welcome.. I will stop back here often.. Pat

1/14/2000: Terra
So far I think that you have a very interesting site and that your poems that I have read are extreamly good but when you read the poems it is extremly boring because there are no pics I think you should add some and then it would not look so dule

1/9/2000: Darlene Pineiro
Hello Alan, I just adore your site and know it is one I will come back and walk through many, many times. I can't tell you how much I absolutely love essays and find writing one a superb challenge. I in recent past (May 5th 1998) returned to school and got my GED,and the totally coolest part of the whole test was the essay! I have a deep love for writing and have written several poems this last couple of months alone. I can hardly wait for time to be able to come back and explore more throughout your site which was passed on to me by a dear friend. God bless you and all you do and if you have time, do stop in and visit me at Love Never Fails.

1/5/2000: Sue
this site is so calming and peaceful, it's like going into the garden of your soul and being complete and at peace with yourself. this is a really beautiful site and i think that i will bookmark it. thank you for enlightening someone's dark life.

12/25/1999: Cheryl Zachman
How wonderful and "someone was watching over me" to get me to read the poems and the angel gallery. I've been tring to be festive for Christmas, but my heart hasn't been in it. My dad died nine months ago and my mom has "given up: because she misses dad. I understand, but my heart aches. How lucky I am to have friends and family to support me and love me,,,but I still hurt. Thank you for making this day easier!

12/24/1999: barbara harris
this is a wonderful site. Thought provoking and awe inspired!

12/24/1999: MARILYN
Thank you so much!!!! We have a Christmas reading on Christmas Eve and this year I've decided to share Shopping Cheap. It will be cool to share the laughter.

12/20/1999: Kathryn Jenkins
Hi Alan, Received the Christmas card from you and Linda on Saturday and immediately went to your website. Haven't had a chance to read all as yet. Tell Linda I said Hello and have a great holiday. Kathryn

12/17/1999: Stephanie
I've read some of your reflections and shared some with co-workers. Just wanted to let you know how much we've enjoyed your Listening to Christmas. You'd be surprised how many people identify with this experience and the memories it invokes. Thank you for sharing your creations with all of us.

12/17/1999: nonya
you should make your hiku a litle bit more interesting

12/11/1999: LINDA AGAN

12/7/1999: Deborah
Your work is wonderful! I loved every single photograph and everything that was said with the picture. It is all very true, gets you right in the Heart! Thank you for such lovely work. Keep up the good work! I hope to hear from you and continue to see your work! God Bless You and Yours! Deborah

12/6/1999: JJ

12/6/1999: Rev. Allen Lang
After reading some of your poems and your essay on Scrooge, I am hoping that I can use them in our annual Servicew of Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve. I will list your name as author in the bulletin and read the poems just as you have written them.. I have been searching for some time for resources for this service other than scriptural, and I believe I have found them. Thank you very much.

11/26/1999: Bob Walk
Connected to your site by a cyberspace friend, the experience of visiting your "site" evokes one "wow" after another. Thanks for a truly soulfull experience!

11/22/1999: Michael Fawcett
As I'm working on a Christmas Concert to be presented on December 12, I decided to check out the web for some short holiday stories and poems. While I'm not sure that I found anything on your site that I'll use this time, I was truly moved by your poetry and reflections. Thank you for sharing. God bless!

11/21/1999: Mantis Claw
This web site is amazing.

11/21/1999: Kitty
I enjoyed reading your bio (we have lots in common like marriage in '66 & high school English teaching), listening to your poems, and taking walks through snowy woods. Thank you.

11/20/1999: Bette
I've rarely enjoyed such reading that makes the words so visual as yours......and to think I fancy myself to be a poetress!, I can not challenge you......but, I may give it a are exceptional. Do keep up the great work.P.S.I can only wish to match your clarity.

11/16/1999: krissycabby33

11/16/1999: Pharris L. Stevens

11/9/1999: kristen
I sat on my puter for nearly four hours just clicking the "click until tired" button. Your thoughts and feelings are the feelings of the world. well done

10/23/1999: ruth
I happened upon your poems while looking for something to read at one of my patient's funerals. I am a Hospice nurse and wasn't surprised to discover that you had done Hospice work. Your poems are wonderful, I especially love the Christmas poems which evoke such happy memories. You bring it all to life. Best wishes.

10/16/1999: maria sullivan
i came across your poems and i must say they are allwounderfull,i really enjoyed reading allof that was offered if there are any more that you would like to offer me to read i would be most greatfull.

10/3/1999: Susan
I will look forward to revisiting your site. How fascinating this whole concept of the Internet. I am working fulltime in the business world and teaching classes (English 101) at two community colleges in the Phoenix metro area, so I must return to my work. Isn't it fascinating how the internet is making the world smaller by allowing us to connect with people in the blink of an eye. Thanks! Susan

9/30/1999: Nancy Teppler
Your mastery of language amazes me. I catch my breath when I read your words. I am so grateful that I happened to find this site. Thank you.

9/27/1999: joe
Thouroghly enjoyed My Cow, My Guru.

9/15/1999: Terry Stutes
Hello.....I am Jennifer's former Assistant......Joyce is my replacement..... Jenny ask me to stop by and say Hello if i was surfing in your neck of the woods......... I really like the way all your web pages move the average surfer along..... They are easy for a new surfer also......:-)))))

9/7/1999: Jackie Plott
Thank you for a moment of beauty in my day. My heart responds with gratitude and gratitude brings peace and joy. For your message of God to each of us, I thank you.

8/31/1999: Dee Bower
Your site is awesome! Keep up the good work!

8/30/1999: Laura Hughes
Your pictures and poems on Angels are terrific. Will read more later on your works. Thank you.

8/29/1999: j. ashley
Mr. Harris, I have never been one to write or read poetry and enjoy it. But last may I had to do a poetry anthology for English class. It was to include other authors' poems as well as some of my own. After I read a few of your poems I was inspired to write and even turned my anthology in two weeks early. My only regret was that I could only use one of an author's poems. I finally decided on your Dudely May. It seems as though you had me in mind when you wrote it!! Thanks Dude!! Your Dudette, j. ashley

8/23/1999: Gobina N. Peter
Dear Alan, it feel great knowing someone out there touches base with the world of souls. Keep it up.

8/9/1999: Judy Burgarella
Dear Alan - I happened upon your poems while aimlessly tapping in sadness, as my father passed away yesterday, and I was looking for a poem to read at his funeral. Although during my quick search I could not find one, I am completely in love with your work. Bravo. Such beauty, delight and insight. I am out of time, but I'll come back when these next dark days are over for me. Thank you. Judy from Connecticut.

8/3/1999: Mujahid
Hi Alan, I am from Saudi Arabia. I don't know what to say!!! Dear Alan your site is amazing and wonderful place to visit. I like poems(Arabic) and because of your way of writing I start reading English poems especially yours, and since my English is not that good I am having my wife hepling me to read your poems and translate some words for me, and she likes your poems too. Good luck and please keep up the good work.

7/15/1999: Matthew R. McCabe
I am not sure what I can say that has not already been said! (: You have a clarity of vision and language that I have rarely seen. As a young poet, I admire the balance that you have struck in your life between working (survival) and writing poetry (expression). Indeed, you are young at heart; you have held onto the dream that we all have as children but tend to lose later in life. I hope that I will be able to love and explore this world as you have done so well throughout your life.

7/14/1999: judy fennelly
nothing to say

7/8/1999: Erin Klee
~ you are a true poet ~ you speak from the heart, the mind, and the soul ~ excellent layout ~ i loved hearing you read your own work... ~ thank you for sharing your words with me...

7/8/1999: Tyler Wiedrick (loserboy)
This is sweat taste like tuna

7/6/1999: Ed Shettlemore
I have just come a callen. In hopes of finding truth and insperation. That I found and more! I am in the midst of construction of my very first web site. So, you can immagine how excited I am. so, please come a callin. The writers gazette is right next door so to speaak. so welcome neighbor and bring a literary offering. Please be so kind to sign the guest book. So, I to will know which neighbor came a callin Ed

7/6/1999: Paula L. St. Peter
Poetic justice ... nicely done site.

7/5/1999: Ed Shettlemore
Forgot to give my home site address: Check it out and if you would like me to post some on my site let me know

7/5/1999: Ed Shettemore
I also have a web page called Writers Gazette If you would like to have some of your stories and Poetry appear on it e-mail me the titles and I will come to your site and copy and publish them on my weg page.

6/23/1999: Jennifer And Kit
This is the best poem site I have ever visited since I've been connected to the internet. It has brilliant poems. The poems just touch my heart and it reminds me of my poems. Thanx for putting this site together.

6/23/1999: Leon
You have put together a brilliant site. I enjoyed it and I will come back often. Thanks

6/19/1999: jaz & kate
Hi alan! We are from the Philippines and we're inspired by your words of wisdom. You touched our lives in your own special ways. You make life easier for us to understand. We do appreciate your exquisite writing. You're such a talented person. Keep up the good work! Hope to hear more from you. :)

6/16/1999: Julie Dalia
Dear Alan, Thanks for your inspirational writing about where love is. It is a very good message that there are people in this world who care, who have looked within, who feel some of the same things I do. I hope you and your family are happy and enjoying the day. Julie Dalia

6/13/1999: Diana
Alan, I have been visiting your site now for 2 years and even today I can find something that makes me smile or cry. (I can't tell you how many times I've read about wise 'ol Chester.) I have thoroughly enjoyed you, my fellow Gemini.

6/8/1999: Cynthia
A superb and intense site. You write in lovely and delicate manner and I enjoy the depth of your poetry and stories. Do not stop! Thank you for bringing a little peace in a very hectic world - and making me smile....take care. Cynthia.

5/31/1999: Carla Dupras
A wonderful site! I will be sure to visit often!

5/26/1999: Carol
Dear Artist Alan, I thoroughly have enjoyed the work you have put on this site for the world to view. I hope to be able to come often to refresh and rethink

5/23/1999: Kyle Terrizzi
I hope that by now you have received my e-mail. You are truly talented. This site is a small good thing for the world. You are a "true intellect".

5/22/1999: thai nguyen
hi alan, i came across your site while i was searching for euthanasia materials. you totally changed my view on the subject. i really admire your writing, and people like you are important. thai

5/21/1999: Brandon Miller
Hey, how are you doing? Nice site. Maybe you can sign my guestbook sometime.

5/11/1999: Lucille Younger
The depth and breath of your web site is amazing, not to mention the range and quality of poetry, essay (both photographic and narrative) and ponderables that can at once tickle your sides and serve as a cold splash of water to a groggy face and sluggish brain. Thanks for sharing with the world your eyes, your heart, your mind.

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