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A Suburban Bohemian
carnival man
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Carole Z. Spinelli Pennsylvania is a land of many cornfields. While living there, I was always amazed to see solitary trees growing in the midst of the corn. The trees were thriving, of course, but somehow they seemed out of place, lacking companionship. I wrote my first poem about those trees.

Carnival Man is the description of a man, and it would be enough to read the poem on that level. But it is intended to be more than the depiction of a man. It is a metaphor about naivete.

Suburban Bohemian is a title in contradiction with itself. I wrote the poem when someone suggested to me that I would probably live in some sort of artist's colony someday. The comment seemed so odd to me, because I live in a sub-division, drive a van, and live a life that is so typically suburban. But then I managed to see the Bohemian-like aspects of my own daily experience.

Each poem has its own message, its own voice. But, reading a collection of poetry is like listening to a choir. From time to time there will be solo voices, single poems, whose energy transcends that of the group. And just as the intent of the choir is to convey oneness through many voices, the vision I have for this collection, is that it will evoke a tone, a harmony, a oneness through its multiplicity.

As you read, attend to the imagery, the rhymes, the meter. They are all vital. But be mindful of the metaphors. Remember, Solitude is not necessarily a poem about a tree.

When I wrote my first poem, I had no idea that over 170 more would follow. A number of years passed between the writing of the first one and the next. Then, they began to follow one another in rapid succession. Now they are filling the pages of a book. I am pleased to present to you this collection of poems about love, beauty, and spirit.

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