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and the heron stands and ponders
and the heron stands
    and ponders....

A Suburban Bohemian

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each morning
when the sky is painted in blue and white
or grey and white
    or simply grey
        or blue
and the tall standing trees
banter with the rising breezes
and the black birds chatter and the wild geese
and the redbirds sing
and the heron stands
    and ponders
    and the pond waters ripple
        or remain still
she walks among their poetry
collecting bird feathers
    and metaphors
        to take home
to a loft that is blue
with wicker furnishings
and skylights that mingle brightness
with even the darkest of days
    when raindrops speak in metered patterings
        like the book bound poets
            who reside on the shelves
where cats recline on piles of print
and a little black dog sleeps
contentedly between cold feet

and words
    are transformed
        into poetry

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