The Heron's Nest
Poetry by Carole Z. Spinelli

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10/24/2004: Dennis Fenstermacher ************
Dear Carole, Even though I am reading the poems from the "Gift Forthcoming" in 2004, the clarity, insight, and just plain beauty of them will remain the same in 2008, and for all those people willing to stop and take the time to read them after us. I always thought something beautiful was moving around your mind in the nine years I spent with you in school. This book of poems confirms my belief. Thank you for letting me see the events of life from a new, fresh perspective. Thankyou for letting me see events through the eyes of a Poet. Den Fenstermacher

8/22/2004: Saif Yusuf Patel
Your poetry is better than your peach cobbler--and that is saying quite a bit. Thanks, Carole...and keep 'em coming.

2/29/2004: Philip ottman
For you i'll leave of this web we weave
this single strand of this heart's heave
i like the drawing of your breath
where sighs an earnest breadth
so be my joy 'n

11/7/2003: Russ Cook
Carole, I really like your poems. But, I like humorous ones the best, especially Limericks. In fact, I met my wife in Limerick!! Good luck with your great talent.

4/25/2002: Robert Zerby
I especially enjoyed THE GIFT FORTHCOMING and plan to explore more of your works. Semper Fi, Robert W. Zerby St.Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands E-mail: .

4/11/2002: Rob Lewis
A wonderful site, with beautiful words, that compliment the author. Keep on placing your work for the world to see. Should you wish to visit my poetry site at - I would be honoured. Best wishes from Wales, UK

2/3/2002: Jay Dean
Dear Carole You already know what I think about you and your book, both are wonderful!

1/15/2002: Ron Greene
Carole, Great Web site! Your images are a breath of fresh air. I look forward to reading your book - and having you share with our Friends of the Arts in Westmont. - Pastor Ron Greene, First UM Church

5/15/2001: bob pizzurro
dear carole

2/1/2001: Anonymous
Carole I knew you would do it!!!! I am proud of you and wish you all the luck in the world. How on earth did you get your daughter to sit down and do all those drawings???? You always had it in you, you just needed the DRIVE to make it happen. Only you hold yourself back....Celestine Prophecy.

1/18/2001: Patty McGuire
Carole-It's Patty from Salon Meridian. I just sat down and read your book. It is just beautiful. I knew when I first met you how special you were. You are a talented and beautiful woman. I am proud to know you and I know this book will do well. I can feel it. I believe everything happens for a reason. I can't wait to see your success with this book.

1/1/2001: Nancy
Carole, Thank you for sharing your talent and poetic gifts with me. You are always searching for the true meaning of life and how to express your spirit in a way that sincerely connects to others. Much love and happiness, always. Nancy

11/25/2000: maria swann
dear carol I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your poems,I work with marie at the hospital and she brought the book into work for us to read ,I have ordered my one copy so I can spend more time reading them especially when I am in need of some solitude from the pressure of my work I am a nursing sister at the hospital and marie and I are great friends,she is such a help and source of comfort to me when things get tough. I loved to read poetry many tears ago, and have also composed some over the years just to get my feelings out and onto paper ,it does help. So I wish you every success with your book. Maria Swann

11/23/2000: Les Forrest
I'm a surgeon at the Victoria Hospital, Blackpool and a friend of Marie Tooth.She showed me your book and I'm very impressed and will be ordering a copy. Your visual imagery is amazing. PS I love Mrs tooth as well!

11/11/2000: Theo Spinelli
Hey mom its Theo!your awesome daughter and I think your the best mom in the world and I admire your work. Its the best book in the world everyone!Excellent job on the book mom!!!!!!!!!

11/7/2000: Alan Harris
I've read all of The Gift Forthcoming and I hope that many more readers will also do so. Your book is full of what makes good poetry good: meaning, metaphor, and vision. Congratulations on the culmination of this project. Now it's everyone's turn to click on "Book Ordering."

10/23/2000: Cindy Johnson
Today one of your poems is on my office wall, lifting me and giving me the strength to carry on. Thank you for "The Gift Forthcoming." You are a true friend, willing to share your talents in a way that speaks the inner truth we feel and share. You are The Best!!

10/20/2000: Herbert Ziegler
We are so proud to have a poet for our daughter. Love Mom and Dad

10/20/2000: Janice
Oh Carole this is so incredibly exciting. I am so proud of you. You made it happen. What an accomplishment! You are so talented. It's neat that other people will be able to share in your poems that have such feeling and emotion. Congratulations! Love, Janice

10/13/2000: Jack gebhardt
Carole your site looks great.I have always wanted to know a famous poet. It makes me feel so sophiscated. Love Jack

10/12/2000: Janet Smith
Did I mention that my dear friend Carole is a poet, artist, great listener and powerful woman. I am so proud to see this tangible evidence of the magic she weaves with words when ever we are able to share time together. Carole, I wish you the very best with your book and website. Let me know the date of the book signing!

10/8/2000: Dirk and Cheryl
Go girl! Looking forward to seeing you in the grocery store again. Maybe you could write an ode to Dominics. (just teasing) Good luck with the project. Dirk and Cheryl

10/8/2000: Robert Tillotson
Carole, I am very excited for you. I love the poems you have included on this homepage and can't wait to get your book. The format of the homepage is very easy to use.....great job!! I look forward to talking with you soon.....Bob

10/5/2000: Carole
This is a test. I am looking forward to this book. Many thanks to all who made it possible.

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