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A dream deferred...

by Mick Ryan
a dream deferred...
a voice unheard
a road untravelled
tangled golden threads- as yet, - unravelled....

a dream deferred...
wise words half-heard
an image still blurred
a caged, restless, curious bird...

a dream deferred...
a rich soup that sits unstirred
a calf that dares not leave the herd

now listen my friend- whoever you are-
you always have a choice
step out on your road, reach for your vision
unravel the chains -for so long- your prison

turn away from self-serving, ignorant schemers
unfurl your wings, and then take glorious flight
firm in the belief that your feeling is right....

don't lose yourself in an unthinking faction
a dream deferred- may become a cold, sharp knife
that will leave a bloodred blemish-
on an otherwise- wonderful life ...

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