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Mother's Secret

A Ballad

by Alan Harris
Tell me a secret of living, dear Mother,
     a new one I've never been told--
some hint about life to remember you by
     that will stay with me when I've grown old.

"An overlooked secret of humans, my child,
     is that each is a seed that will flower,
and that each has a future of limitless joy,
     whatever the pains of the hour.

"And I tell you that no love has ever been lost
     nor is anything out of place--
that your work is to strive, to give and to know
     in this journey through time and space.

"Your grandmother told me the same when she died
     and I willingly pass it along.
May your living go deeper than what you can see
     and your heart hear the Infinite Song."

Now rest, dear Mother, and sleep your sleep
     in a region where pain is unknown.
As long as I live I will treasure your words
     and will pass them along to my own.

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